2012. november 9., péntek

Soli Deo Gloria - EN

On October 19 we proudly opened our „Iris Camp” for people with disabilities.
The Iris House purchased in 2010, right under the forest, near to a small creek a beautiful parcel.
On this parcel existed a greenhouse, which we use
already for two years an recently we start a small
livestock farm as well. Every day, four young people with
disabilities are taking care of the farm and the livestock,
under supervision of their group leader.
The Iris Camp respire program aims to support and
unburden the relatives/caretakers from people with
disabilities. We offer a full care accommodation for
people with disabilities if for example the relatives /
caretakers have theirselfs a hospital treatment or just
want to respire themselves. We offer accommodation
for a few days till a few weeks as long as required.
And of course we also offer vacations for the whole
family together in our fabulous surroundings.
The three new houses can provide his service up to 20 persons.
On the houses attic we would like to establish more rooms so we can also receive bigger camping groups who can gain insights into the everyday life of people with disabilities.
Next year, we intend to build the Iris Tabor community building where a restaurant, kitchen, etc... will be developed. This building will be established with the Konfirmandengabe of HEKS (Swiss Evangelical Church Aid Organization).
Special thanks to our sponsors COEN Nijkerk, Altreformierte Kirche Nordhorn, Stepic Charity, Diakonie Austria Brot für die welt, Erdi Tamas with his free concerts and everyone else who helped to make this dream come true.
Thank you for celebrating with us!!!!

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