2013. február 10., vasárnap

Newsletter January 2013

Just like the previous years we started 2013 with our popular wintercamp. And as usual it was for all the 26 participants great fun. Romping in the snow, sledging, skiing, swimming, sweating in the sauna and in the evening dancing singing and swinging in our minidisco. A lot of great new memories for everybody.
The city counsel of Sfantu Gheorghe asked us and several other organizations to take care of a few troubled families from the social center „Sing-Sing” In January we started with the first family. We rent an apartment for them and try to assist them to get their lives back on track. The children go to a better school and after school they participate at our rotary-house. The father started to work at our carpentry. It’s a start but we still have a long way to go.

The past 2 years we’ve participated in a Leonardo lifelong learning program together with 2 German and a Polish partner. The goal from this project was to find out what special needs there are for people who became disabled caused due to an accident or illness. These new disabled people need different kind of support and healthcare, for example they need a different kind of psychological help than someone who was born with a disability. On the initiative of Diakonisches werk Gladbeck-Bottrop-Dorsten we have started a follow up project now with 3 German partners and a new Polish partner and last month two of our colleagues took part in the first workshop held in Poland.

The winner of the Outsider Art Concours Íriszház Prize 2012 has been invited for a group exhibition by Herenplaats Gallery, Rotterdam. Mátyás Gudor participates with three portraits at the a face to face exhibition in the Netherlands.
Congratulations and we are very proud of him!

God bless us all in 2013!

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